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Who Are We

The Theologeeks Podcast is the brain child of Ben Knight and Rob Roise. They noticed a lack of Christian Podcasts that were both entertaining and theologically sound, so they knew it was time for them to step up and help fill the void. If you're looking for a podcast that uses the bible to discuss topics we don't talk about enough, along with heavy coffee drinking, then you have chosen wisely. 

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A Little Bit About Ben

Ben doesn't take things seriously.......At all. Unless it involves God, his family or Pad Thai. He's spent most of his life following pop culture, so he's the less serious side of this seriously geeky podcast. Ben graduated from the school of fairly difficult knocks and considers himself educated in the ways of walking and chewing gum. He's been married to Amber since 2009 and they have two wonderfully unique children (in case they read this). He is currently working at a job that pays him money to work. Toured in bands for over 10 years and continues to play drums and bass whenever he can. He's got a pop punk heart and is considered to be a world renowned romantic comedy connoisseur. Also known as a dude who really likes chick flicks.

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A Little Bit About Rob

Rob Roise takes things seriously… He takes things like the Bible seriously. He takes things he geeks out on seriously. So, though Rob is pathetically deficient of relevant pop cultural references he brings the seriously serious side of this seriously geeky podcast. Rob graduated from…Well…that’s not important. He’s been married to Jody since 2001 and has 4 children, some of whom are huge and nearly all grown up. He serves 2 rural communities as Pastor of a Lutheran Brethren Church and Youth Ministries Director of another Lutheran Brethren Church sort of, but not so far away. A lifelong guitarist, Rob’s only musical influences were Bon Jovi, Van Halen, and Marty McFly.

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